Replacement starter button
By Hollister
Don't know if this is very common but I lost my green starter button a couple of months back. The green centre was still there as well as the spring . It appears that the green rubbery outer weather proof button is normally glued to the rigid plastic centre. This had given way and my little green button was lost on the road somewhere between my last stop and home - about 2 klm. I spent 3hrs walking the road and back to try and find it but to no avail. Crying or Very sad 

I did look online but at the time there was one or two second hand assemblies available in Oz but they looked pretty ratty.

Eventually came across a very easy workaround. I found that the black rubber plunger from a 10ml syringe fitted snuggly over the red kill switch stub. Had to remove the spring as it was too long and just pushed the new button off. It worked fine so I applied a couple of thin smears of contact adheasive to the green centre button shaft and the inside of the new black button cover.

Its been there for over a month now and I've given it a tug and it seems to be fairly secure. The black plunger rubber had a slight conical tip which I smoothed down with some wet & dry paper.