GPS mount on an 86 K100RT
By Brickee
Hi all. Here I am in the middle of the winter doldrums, waiting for spring. One project that I've got is mounting a GPS. Recent posts by Puntolimitecero and Chris JF have solved this in interesting and, I think, elegant ways. I'm going a much simpler route. (simple mind, simple solution, I think) :geek: I'm using a Garmin Nuvi 205 that I want to be able swap between the bike and the cars. My original plan was to attach a dowel across the front of the base plate that attaches to the top part of the fairing and windshield. So with that in mind, I got this on e bay for $2.49 USD delivered.

The rake of the windshield is such that the GPS is hitting the windshield and blocking part of the instrument cluster. Bummer. So I decided to mount it here. I just drilled a hole in the fascia and used the thumb screw that came with it and added a flat and toothed washer to lock it in place.

I got power by tapping off the battery supply in the relay box with an in line fuse, through a quick disconnect and into a power plug in the left glove box.

Enlarge this image

To prevent the GPS from trying to commit suicide, I took off the back, drilled a hole and attached a small bungee cord and added a snap hook. I loop it through the back of the mount and back on itself.

The power cord happens to be small enough to be able to have the glove box cover on, so when all is said and done, this is the view from the cat bird's seat.

Anyway, this is my solution and we'll see how it works when spring comes. Question