Fuel pressure reg relocation Now with fuel cooler added
By caferacer62

Thought i would have a look at why fuel gauge wasn't working on Saturday, found that it was the little ball float was full of fuel. So once i had repaired that and refitted the tank i noticed a fuel leak at the hose from tank to fuel rail. I decided that i would replace all the fuel lines as they were all original.

Once i had stripped what was needed to get at the regulator i noticed what a nice hot place to mount it, between the air box and intake and behind the radiator. I figured that it would be easier for future maintenance and cooler for it if i mounted it to the l/h frame tube.

I have included some pics of the modification. I'm going to fabricate a fuel cooler to mount to the inner side of the radiator shroud from a powersteer cooler that i have laying around here at work. similar to Bushyintas. Also going to put some MSD cable heat shield over the hoses to add more insulation to the lines. Also noticed that the little rubber caps over the vacuum ports were split so replaced them as well.

Old reg position.

New location. excuse the teks its all i had at home.

Hooked up for testing.

Ok so now i have made and fitted the fuel cooler, i have used a section of power steer cooler and removed the fins from both ends to allow fittings to be silver soldered on.

End view of cooler, note the spiral divider in the tube increases cooling area.

With 2 x 1/4" bsp brass elbows ready to solder on.

I used 2 x 1/4'' bsp to 5/16'' hose tail fittings screwed into cooler and then used 2 x rubber insulated P clips to mount it to inside of radiator cowl.

Before mounting i cut a slot to suit using a holesaw first and the cutting out with a wafer disc. Placed a piece of mesh over the hole to keep rocks out.

Here it is all mounted up, i had to slot some of my heat shield covers to allow for the relocation of the fuel line.

I went for a run yesterday in 34degree c temp and the tank felt a lot cooler than before. i didn't check it with a thermometer but its definitley cooler.

Now i know that there are no leaks i will insulate the fuel lines. Now onto the heat blowing on my legs issue.Rolling Eyes