This is a page showing the different K Bike logos that I designed over the years.

All these logos can be printed or CNC cut. You can see different example later on this page.
Using the BMW logo is a bit of a challenge because of trademark.
I believe that as long as we don't deface it and use it to promote their products, we won't be bothered.
These are my personal designs and it's your decision to print and use them.

Here they are (don't look at the quality of the thumbnail... Just click on each one to see a full size High Resolution picture.):

I also made my own sidecar logo

And a logo for the EML sidecar:

Here is how a K bike would look like with different logos applied on it:
(This is not my bike but just an image to reflect on how different logos would show on the bike.
They are way too many for my taste, but you could chose one or two for your bike.)

Here is on how my K100-EML looks. (This was during the painting process)

And... The K-Bikes logos: